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9 Jul Posted by Jason | News

Growth, Gates, Glow & Glee!

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Hello Dance community!  It’s almost that time again.. you ready?  Things are heating up at VEMF HQ - over 150 artist applications arrived for review, and they are an AWESOME collection of the most fresh, fun, intelligent, dirty & diverse beats we’ve ever had the pleasure of sorting through.  Which we’re very grateful for, given the 100+ hours of music they collectively represent!  As you’ve likely been following via our @vemfy twitter voice, our headliners are slowly being confirmed and the whole lineup isn’t far behind! 

Given VEMF’s fantastic growth over recent years and the bursting-at-the-seams 2010 event, we’re working closely with the City of Victoria to ensure that our festival remains a safe & fun environment for all our participants including kids, families, seniors & of course the dance community at large.  To this end, there’s some changes we will introduce this year to allow us to better manage the space, capacity & content of our event.  To begin with, VEMF 2011 will be a gated event and we will be searching bags & persons.  This isn’t our first choice, but a necessary step to take care of our community and protect the sustainability of our festival.  Items that won’t be welcome include open liquids, bikes & skateboards and of course illicit substances & anything weapon-like.  So if you’re one of those rogue skateboarding-bartender-ninja-unicycle-ravers, you may need to reconsider your packing this year smile

Another big change will be that we’ll be charging $5 per person, per day at the gate this year (kids under 13 w/parents are free).  After almost a decade of delivering Canada’s largest free electronic music festival, we’ve had to shift the delivery model slightly in order to continue to deliver the quality of event we’ve all come to expect.  While we’ll likely all agree $5 remains amazing value for this huge event, it does still represent a change in what we’re used to - and again, not one we’ve taken lightly nor our first choice for how to make things work.  For those who attend one of of the many afterparties VEMF will be hosting this year, we will be subtracting that same $5 from the afterparty ticket so that there’s no overall increase in costs for guests who partake in more than one VEMF event.  The introduction of this charge is a necessary step, and this small fee will allow us to continue to build & expand on this growing VEMF adventure.  While we don’t expect these changes to be a concern for most of our community, all will be subject to these changes and we appreciate your patience & understanding as we introduce & integrate these new processes.

Know this for certain - when Monday comes, and the dust settles, and the glow has stopped glowing, and the beats have stopped beating… we’re committed that YOU are a very happy VEMFer.  We’ve got a huge lineup, an amazing interactive experience, some serious afterparties, an awesome new line of VEMF merchandise, and a ton of great music to share.  Thanks for all your support over the years, we can’t wait to share VEMF 2011 with you!